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Nblik is a free to download community platform. In this world where everyone is getting separated, we provide you a space to connect with like-minded people who share your interests.

NbliK wants people to find their interests, challenge their curiosity and enhance them in order to carve the possibilities to bring a change in within themselves and their communities. We aim to be India’s best blogging and discussion app, where you can be vocal about your interests.
Be it your hobby, passion, side-job or profession, we have got a place for you. Find communities created by others where you would like to participate, or make your own.

Are you a community leader/content creator who is struggling with monetization opportunities? We present you an opportunity to penetrate, grow and monetize with an audience from cities, towns or villages who are new internet users and finding it difficult to find communities in their vernacular languages.

NbliK is already available in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Bengali and Telugu.
Share your views, write, create, debate and discuss. Make lifelong connections and supportive networks. Increase productivity and time management.

Write, read, discuss, create and join the best communities in various categories, including:
Books & Literature
Business & Finance
Career & Jobs
Computer Science & Data Science
NFT, Blockchain & Crypto
Start-ups & Entrepreneurship
Family & Parenting
Food & Cookies
Arts, Hobbies & fun
Fashion, Relationships, Health, Lifestyle & Life Experience
Movies, TV Series & Sports
Entertainment, News & Journalism
Travel & Photography
Writing, Poetry & Short Stories
Politics & Religion
Science, Tech & Space Exploration
and many more.

Other applications and social media outlets rarely give you the option to actually interact with your audience. It is either boasting of achievements or creator-and-consumer system. Here, you can make lifelong connections and supportive networks. Increase productivity and time management, at the same time.

We are 100% secure and ad-free.

Join us at NbliK – India’s own knowledge driven community app!